Thursday, April 3, 2014

Calling All Vendors!!

If you happen to live in Kamloops, BC Canada or the surrounding area or know someone who does.......

Dallas Elementary School PAC is now accepting applications for their first annual "Fall into Christmas" Craft Fair. This is a juried event. Application is available for download on our FB page here:

Well, let's try this AGAIN! LOL - an update

I had the best of intentions. Honest, I really did. I even had a few draft blog posts waiting to be uploaded that I put aside and forgot about. Ugh! I've posted some of them just now since they were getting REALLY lonely sitting there with no one to read them. Somehow, I just kept on getting sidetracked and the time got away from me. Sometimes, my creative mind runs away with me and I have SO many things that I want to make that I end up with TOO many things "in progress" and nothing gets finished. Life sometimes gets in the way of creativity too - life is funny that way isn't it?! LOL In the Spring last year I volunteered to organize a Fall/Christmas Craft Fair for the PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) at my son's school. I've participated in craft fairs since 1995 and I've helped organize a few along the way with some other craft business friends of mine but this is really mostly on my shoulders since no one else has done this before (and I'm a bit of a control freak - but in a good way!) The fair was supposed to happen last year but we only meet once a month and it was hard to get the info I needed on time. So, I suggested that we move the craft fair to this October 2014 and I'm really glad I did because shortly after that I was selected for jury duty! For 5 weeks I was back and forth to the courthouse during the week - and sequestered for 48 hours at the end. During the trial my Father-in-law passed away too, so it was a stressful time all around. So, before I knew it, another year had passed! I really need to make better use of "my time," and I use that term very loosely since "my time" seems to always revolve around everyone else's schedule and gets interrupted numerous times in the course of a day. That's why I'm usually up until 1:00 am working so I can get some uninterrupted "my time." At any rate, here I go "again" with another attempt at posting to my blog more often.

I will have to do some new "after" photos of my studio space. I did actually get it cleaned up from the before pics but it never stays that way for long (I do work in there after all)! I've changed a few things around in there too so it doesn't look exactly the same. Who am I kidding - I'm a Gemini, so it's a given that my studio is constantly changing anyway ! LOL Sometimes it changes because I needed to make room for something or I took something out, but more often than not it's because I found a better way to organize my stuff.

Being the perpetual organizer that I am, I decided last year that I would catalogue all of my stamp images onto paper so I could easily see exactly what I have without having to pull each set or stamp out to look at it.  If I could I'd display my sets face out on a shelf but unfortunately, I DON'T have the room in my studio to do that, so a binder of the actual stamped images is the next best thing. The majority of the stamps I own are Stampin' Up sets (178 sets of them), so it took a while to do those ones. I already had them listed by name in a computer database so it went fairly quickly, until I thought I'd lost a set. I spent almost a week looking for that "lost" set.....only to eventually discover that it wasn't actually a Stampin' Up set but a single large stamp from another company with the same name that I had put on the wrong list! And believe it or not, it was on a shelf directly in front of me at my stamping table the whole time!  Ugh! Well, at least I didn't really lose anything - except for my MIND! Anyway, at this point I've done most of my other sets too (and fortunately there aren't as many of those - but I'm working on it!) One of the good things about this exercise was that it reacquainted me with all of the wonderful images that I own. My plan is to start doing a series of projects featuring some of my favourite images from Stampin' Up retired sets. I've also started expanding on my existing stamp database by list things about the images in each set. This way I can search it more easily to find what I'm looking for quicker. I did that years ago with all of my cross stitch magazines/patterns and it works wonderfully. For example, if I need, say, a frog image, then I just type in the word frog and my database will tell me if I have any frog images and what set(s) they are in. So, that's the plan.

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The benefits of SNOW!

Well, I guess it's inevitable but being that it is Winter right now, we have snow - LOTS OF SNOW! I'd much rather have Spring right now, but controlling the weather is not in my area of expertise. So, I guess we're stuck with the white stuff for a while and lots of shovelling. Fortunately our driveway isn't huge. Unfortunately, we also have a City sidewalk to shovel too. On the upside, I'm getting really great upper body strength from all that shovelling. Now, if I could figure out how to get the same results on my lower body, that would be great! LOL

Why we decided to buy a house on a corner lot with the City sidewalk running the entire length of the side yard I really don't know! Especially at this time of year when we happen to have LOTS OF SNOW! One of our neighbours took pity on me twice this Winter and used his snowblower on the sidewalk when the snow was really heavy - Bless him! Otherwise, we have to shovel snow off the sidewalk all Winter and dog doodie the rest of the year- but that's a whole other story! But, who am I kidding? This was OUR house from the moment we saw it almost four years ago now, regardless of the sidewalk maintenance we knew it would require. Let me explain.

One of the many bonuses with this house was that I got my craft studio space inside the house again. At our last house, we built my studio in the back of the garage and I had to go outside to use it. That was ok, except that when we finished it, I had another baby and it ended up that it wasn't all that convenient having it out there. My current studio space is a lot smaller than the last one, but it's in our walkout basement and I have a large storage area in the furnace room that houses my "extra" supplies. Also, the family room next to my studio has an outside access door...and lovely corner windows that look out into that same side yard where the sidewalk is...and those windows are visible from the street....SO it would make a great space for an in-home sale - perhaps this Fall/Christmas?!

Now, I'm sure you're probably wondering at this point either (a) what does the title of this blog have to do with anything I've said so far and/or (b) why does this woman keeps rambling on about shovelling snow?! LOL Well, since I'm "forced" to shovel that #$%&, uh, I mean snow, *smile* daily, I'm actually feeling motivated to get my studio in order now. Go figure! Or perhaps I'm just hoping that I can use organizing my studio as an excuse to get out of shovelling? Nah, I know that won't work but a girl can dream! Unfortunately, a bomb when off in my studio like it does every year at craft fair time and the fallout is still in there, staring at me and begging me to clean it up! Now I finally feel like tackling it and getting organized again. Organization, especially when you have as much stuff as I do, is essential to my sanity and my creative spirit. I can't work in a disorganized chaos! Well, that's the nicest way I can describe my studio right now. It's been worse, believe me, but it's driving me crazy right now and I have to do something about it. Well, the worst part right now is all the paper scraps on the floor - my bad! I won't do that again. I now have to go through it all and sort it and that will take a good day to do I'm sure. Oh well, live and learn. So I'm off to my studio now - a mere 10 steps from my computer - to get working on it. Good thing I exercised this morning shovelling all that snow! I promise to post some BEFORE/AFTER pics so you can see how bad it was and what it looks like after. Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, new Blog name!

Happy New Year to all my blog followers! Can you believe it's 2013 already? I'm still getting used to the idea myself. I decided to start 2013 with a new name for my paper crafting blog, hence the change from "Stampers Studio" to The Paper Garden. The original posts are still in this blog, but I'll be adding some new content soon so be sure to come back and check it out!